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moderator application

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In-Game Username:


Discord name:




Country & Timezone (Include GMT):

GMT +1

Average time played per day?

5-12 Hours depending on work

What days of the week are you available to play?

Every day



I may not have been on the server for very long but my time has been well spent. This being my first private server, all my knowledge and focus point directly to this specific environment and its inhabitants. I enjoy this server very much and it blows my mind how much custom content there is. With this being said, some new things can be overwhelming and I like to help new players with information. In general, I try to help people as much as I can already with things such as guides, personal tips and tricks I've discovered and general knowledge of the game. I'm seeking a support position to help the community and make the server and safer and more informed game. Also, I thank almost every voter and constantly encourage it through "chat" a few times daily. All new players I see are greeted with a warm welcome as well.

I won't say weather I feel a deserved ranking though. Reason being is that honestly I'd like to leave it to the staff and community to decide based on my actions rather then me trying to the same old "I'm nice and helpful" shtick.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.


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